Glochem 3000 is a Registered Trade Mark/ Marque de Commerce in Canada

Globalchem is a leading edge chemical solutions provider specialising in the Oil and Gas industry.

Our unique new chemical, Glochem 3000, performs better than other chemicals when tested and provides a quick, practical, safe and cost effective solution to eliminate the majority of surface and subsurface issues facing sustainable oil production.

In the development of Glochem 3000, we address production issues and formation damage concerns often encountered when producing oil from 8° API to 90° API.

Problems caused by paraffin and ashphaltenes, emulsion, corrosion and scale are virtually eliminated.

Glochem 3000
eliminates virtually all of the significant production problems when producing from both new and mature wells.

The Subsurface benefits of Glochem 3000 are evident in extending the life of pumps, ESP's, casing and tubing.

The Surface equipment benefits are numerous and include operating efficiencies, extended life and reduced failure of chokes, flowlines, separators, heater treaters, vessel dump lines, stock tanks and pipelines, to name just a few.

Glochem 3000
delivers industry leading results. 

Our success is your success
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