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About the Company

Globalchem is a leading-edge chemical solutions provider specialising in the Oil industry. We have created a product that eliminates virtually all of the significant production problems when producing from both new and mature wells. The benefits are numerous and include operating efficiencies, extended life and reduced failure of chokes, flowlines, separators, heater treaters, vessel dump lines, stock tanks and pipelines, to name just a few.
Glochem 3000
 delivers industry leading results.

A leading-Edge Chemical solution

Glochem 3000

Glochem 3000 Summary Information

Key Benefits of Glochem 3000

On-Shore Uses

(Total concentration - 300 PPM BASED ON TOTAL FLOW/VOLUME)

Off-Shore Uses

(Total concentration - 300 PPM BASED ON TOTAL FLOW/VOLUME)

Note: It is important to still provide a continuous 300 PPM injection program of Glochem 3000 to maintain the increased production and sustain the infrastructure improvement gains, along with reduced maintenance requirements and costs.