Glochem 3000 is an anionic compound. It is a single product which maintains the homogeneity of crude as it moves through the production and transportation system. It has an affinity with steel, which means that it coats the contact surfaces of pipes, tanks and all plant and equipment with which it comes into contact. Glochem 3000 is non-toxic and environmentally safe. It eliminates the use of toxic, carcinogenic chemicals such as Xylene, Toluene and Triazene.

Because the crude is kept in a homogeneous state as it flows, it has no opportunity to drop waxes and corrosive matter, thereby preventing accumulations of waxes, asphaltenes and preventing corrosion damage. Application is by low-level injection as far upstream as possible so that the effects of the treatment can pass right the way through entire the system. 

Existing wax build up is gradually reduced as the Glochem 3000 migrates along the contact surfaces. The removal of waxes and sludges overcomes the problems of dead spots where corrosion can take hold. 

By removing blockages in pipelines and sludge build up in storage tanks, productivity is immediately improved without expensive down time and the reduction of problems associated with corrosion, avoids costly maintenance programs.

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The Glochem 3000 formula is a proprietary compound that is bringing change to the oil industry. It is anionic so it naturally attracts to positively-charged surfaces, casing and tubing, pumps, formations, production facility equipment, pipelines, storage tanks, rail tankers, shipping tankers, etc. Glochem 3000 releases wax, asphaltene, scale, corrosion and inorganics. Also, being anionic it will not release large pieces, but will release all by breaking down accumulated matter molecule by molecule, but in a very quick and effective way.

How is this possible?

Glochem 3000 is an anionic molecular compound, whose amphiphilic activity means it works on a molecular level by partitioning the ions thereby separating the oil molecules and   re-dispersing them back into their original form. Glochem 3000 acts on the oil in a compatible manner, which does not change the molecules as is the case with most solvents.

Being anionic, Glochem 3000 is compatible with almost any type of formation on any type of oil whether it be light oil, heavy oil, or sour conditions. This natural event allows the hydrocarbon chain to re-suspend, paraffin wax, asphaltenes, bitumen, etc. back into the oil in a uniform suspension and not a stable emulsion. This also fixes the water phase and allows the bi-carbonates and salt to re-suspend and release any scale and corrosion to travel in the water. Being a natural event the wax, asphaltenes and bitumen will travel right to the end of the line (refinery) without falling out in storage tanks, pipelines or transporting systems such as rail tankers, truck tankers, ocean tankers, etc. In all cases our clean oil will assist and clean all the downstream systems.

The negative charge of Glochem 3000 has a filming effect on the metal contact surfaces of oil field installations. This has added benefit of eliminating corrosion, scaling and build up. With the interfacial surface tension ceases to be a problem and BSW formation in export oil storage is reduced to absolutely minimum levels. This avoids waiting time for water settlement in the storage tanks or mixing clean oil with high BSW oil to dilute it enough to achieve a lower BSW for export.
With the ions being back to their normal, natural state, they are more miscible which means that the oil is more pumpable. This cellular elastin effect makes heavy oil and oil in colder climates much more readily mobile without costly heating and pumping apparatus and specialized drag reducers.